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Kim Hollier Photography



I love this part of my job! Being silly & laughing all day sounds like fun hey!  Well its exhausting .... but super super rewarding!  Each little one is completely unique & its up to me to quickly work out how to connect to make each child feel safe, relaxed & wanting to join in the fun that is photo day.  Armed with loads of bribes - stickers, bubbles, wristbands (sometimes chocolate if the big guns are needed!), we engage each child so Mum & dad can receive portraits with big smiling faces.

Whats different about me?   My VALUE to parents in each of their packs.  There's no one photo over & over with mine.  Each print is a different pose with a variety of props used through each session.   

Why do Centres Love me?  Because I know how stressful their days are without adding photo day!! Our aim apart from making sure each child feels safe & happy, is to take the stress out of it for staff.  We start EARLY - we are there when you open ready to go so we can get through as many clean & happy kids as we can before your programming activities start. We then go from smallest room to biggest room photographing every child in attendance.  Photographs are returned quickly & easily with instructions for parents wanting to purchase more to contact us directly and they go directly to parents. We want Directors & Staff able to concentrate on the kids - not photos after photo day is done!

Class Photos?  All class photos are made of composite designs of the best photograph of each child.  Our designer makes your class photo template from inspiration from your webpage, socials & any input from Directors. 

What else do we do?  We do Pre-Prep Graduations, Christmas at Kindy & Family Portrait Fundraisers. 

Do we give back?  Absolutely! If you are one of our Centres & need anything for any Fundraisers, prize donations, or gifts for a family in need, we are big on giving back. Please shoot through an email request. 

 READY TO BOOK?:  Contact Kim to set your dates!