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Kim Hollier Photography

The Gift of Family captured in Images For A Lifetime


Family portraits not only capture the memories of now. They serve as a reminder for generations to come, of where we have all been, and where we have come from.  They will mean more to you in 20 years than they will do now as you look back & reflect on the people staring back at you from the photos.  You'll remember all that was & all that has changed in the years since.


I believe in capturing the candid and natural moments that are shared between the family unit.  My sole objective is for you all to have a great time!  I love finishing a session and seeing Dads happy face - we all know more often than not they were dragged under duress & bribed with a fishing trip or a cold beer if they just come and smile - and I love hearing how they actually enjoyed the session that they had dreaded attending.

I photograph daycare centre kids - so my knack for working out how to get your little ones to co-operate is my super power.  It does involve me generally rocking up with a stack of bribes in my bag - but never underestimate the power of a wand of bubbles in getting them to be my best mates.  I love the fun that we genuinely get to have as we create these wonderful portraits for you to cherish. 


I have a studio that we can use and also love to shoot location.  We can chat about which one works best for your family & what fits in with the look you want to achieve from your session.


BUT..... HOW MUCH???? The important part hey!!  My Standard Family Portrait sessions are $895 each ( want to add Nans, Pops, Aunts etc?  I LOVE this & think we should all do it! Message me how many of the tribe you've conned into coming & we can work out a deal that keeps everyone happy!).   This includes all of your edited images from each session digitally plus 20 6"x 8" print enlargements.  This means there's no more to pay! I'm not going to then show you a stack of beautiful images that you have to try and find extra money for as they will all be included for you already.       PAYMENT PLANS?  - Sure do. I offer AFTERPAY,  PAYRIGHT and private agreements if you need it - set up with weekly or fortnightly instalments. 


The possibilities are endless to capturing your family with Images that last A Lifetime.


Contact Kim to discuss your thoughts or to make a booking.


 See more at my Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/KimHollierPhotography